YouTubers on their journey of new language learning

As I mentioned in my blog about learning a language, you can watch YouTubers who try to learn a new language or a vlogger of their native language and also look out for tips and tricks or methods.

Here I have recommended few YouTubers who talks about language learning or who are native speakers;
Lindie Botes

Linde is a polyglot and friends with lots of polyglots, she gives so many tips on learning languages, she recommends books for learning, and also shows how she studies and how she takes notes. Since she is a polyglot, you can get ideas about many languages.

Steve Kaufmann

He’s a polyglot, who learnt 20 languages, he also has podcasts and found a language learning app called LingQ. He has so many videos on language learning and gives many tips.

Fabien Yoon

This guy is a French, boarding in Korea, he speaks 7 languages. He does most of his videos in Korean so you can learn about Korean, if you are learning Korean.

You can also check Tzuyang, she is a Korean does mukbang videos in Korean, it has subtitles so you can watch this  without a problem.

Butterfly Spanish

This channel has Spanish tutorials, which are so easy to understand.  They teach from alphabets, to grammar, to daily usage phrases. Since it is taught by a native speaker it is so resourceful.

Iris Roig

She is Spanish, she does her videos in Spanish. She talks about self-care and productivity and about her daily routines. If you are learning Spanish, you can follow her. Also, you could watch this video to get more Spanish speaking youtubers.

Piece of French

In this channel she does all her videos in French with English subtitles. She covers her daily or trips and vacations. If you are learning French try this out, also check her video recommending other native French speaking You Tubers.


This is a channel for people out there who are learning Japanese, this guy does fun or about Japanese culture videos in Japanese but don’t worry he has subtitles on several languages. And if you need more channels on Japanese here you go.

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