10 New Guaranteed Ideas To Fill Your Notebooks

When you are so crazy about stationaries and buys all the notebooks that looks pretty or something new or aesthetic, and now don’t know what to do with them. Here are some ideas that I recommend to fill your precious notebooks;

1. Bullet Journal

Bullet journaling is a best way to fill your notebook, from tracking your habits to planning your day, you can do anything. There are so many videos on how to maintain a journal and layouts online you can use. You can also check out my blog on journaling, if you want to know some basics.

2. Travel journal

Travel journal is something you can carry with you when you travel. You can write about the place you went, or plan the travelling day, places to visit, things to buy, food to eat, you can also draw the places or buildings and sceneries you see or stick the pictures you took.

3. Idea dumper

It is more like a place for brainstorming, you can write all the ideas that comes to your mind, without forgetting it when you need next time.

4. Diary

A dairy, its your space, write whatever you want, your own private space to ramble as you wish without any restrictions on your words and thoughts.

5. Book review

This can be more like your personal blog for book reviews, write about the books you read, like its plot, your thoughts about it or about characters, how you wish it can be, favorite lines, etc.


Fill a note with all your favorite quotes, famous or inspiring words from movies, celebrities, master minds, artists, philosophers, books, etc. A positive and inspiring notebook.

7. Sketch book

If you are an artist, you don’t have to worry about filling a note book. Fill pages with your practice works, notes, ideas, doodles and so on.

8. Dream journal

Dream journal is to write your dreams from sleep (not your dream to achieve 😉). After waking up in the morning, write the dream you had and keep track of it. It also helps in lucid dreaming.

9. Inspiring things

Try to write the things that inspired you or inspiring things you heard or saw on that day, about the inspiring person you know or encountered. A remainder for you to move forward.

10. Lyrics note

Lyrics note is to write the lyrics from your favorite songs, some touching or inspiring lines. To decipher the meaning of lyrics, or you can even write your own lyrics in it, if you are capable.