Anime movies you need when you’re in a slump

Anime is not, “only for kids”

Most of them think that anime is for children, they are just for entertainment and they are not more than a cartoon. This is where they are wrong, anime is not just for entertainment or some cartoonish films, they hold so many emotions and life lessons that we need in our life and things that we ignore to notice. Anime shows every simple regular thing in an artistic way. The whole process is itself a magical thing. Here I have listed some movies that I felt so inspiring and motivating, you can watch them on Netflix or through some other sites.

Whisper of the heart (1995):

“Whisper of the heart” movie directed by Yoshifumi Kondo and it’s a studio Ghibli film. Hayao Miyazaki films have a slice of life. This movie surfaces about a girl who loves writing and reading books, who does have any idea about her dream or future until she comes across an antique shop and the owner’s grandson. The story is just beautifully crafted, just by seeing the film you could feel just how passionate they are about their dream and working for an improvement. This movie will just motivate people who are looking for a push. To know more about this movie watch

“It’s not easy to live your own way. You can’t blame anyone but yourself.”

Seiya Tsukishima

 A whisker away (2020):

“A whisker away” is directed by Junichi Sato. This film is about a playful girl who has a crush on her classmate and gets a weird chance to be his pet cat with the help of a mask from a mysterious talking cat. Just by hearing the story, it may sound like a playful children’s love story but it is not. This story displays how children get affected by their surroundings and the pressure or actions of their parents. Even though the main character is given as playful, in the latter part of the film they show how she hides behind her own invisible mask.

Garden of the words (2013):

Garden of the words” is directed by Makoto Shinkai. This film is about an adult and teacher who doesn’t have any interest in her life and skipping her work just because she feels tired from all the problems she faces and a student who passionately works for his dream while skipping classes. And the story starts when these two meet and how they both bring change in each other’s lives the moment they exchange a poem between them. At first, this movie may be quite confusing but it’s worth watching.

The wind rises (2013):

Studio Ghibli’s other masterpiece “The wind rises” was directed by Hayao Miyazaki. This is about a man who loves his passion like crazy and works so hard while having so much stuff to handle in his life. Also, his love for his wife and how he cared for her. We can see how much serious he is about his work that he even gets dreams or like to see and talk to the illusion of his idol whom he idolized from his childhood. A normal child dream about planes from his childhood and made a job out of it, comes with ideas from a paper plane or from a fish’s bone.

Ride your wave (2019):

“Ride your wave” directed by Masaaki Yuasa, depicts the life of a college student who thrills days and a lovely partner to share youth suddenly crumbles and leaves her in shambles even before she could realize it. They show the way how she takes in and comes out of it while learning many things that she missed notice when she was in clouds.

I want to eat your pancreas (2018):

“I want to eat your pancreas” movie directed by Shinichirou Ushijima, this story will surely make you feel warm inside and leave you crying. It’s a story about two opposite character students who happen to meet each other when one accidentally gets the dairy of the other. interaction between a silent bookworm and a bubbly character with a terminal illness. The story shows how these two embrace each other after the encounter and how drastically their personalities change and how their future unfolds.

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