6 Remarkable feel good Webtoons for you

Webtoon is an escape place for many people who want to spend some relaxed free time on their own. People have so many favorites according to their taste. Here I will list out some my favorites were some was like a roller-coaster ride and some so heart-warming or thrilling for the new- comers or for the one who is looking for a new Webtoon to get immersed. Also check my blog on free websites for webtoons and manga.

1. Freaking romance (Snailords) 

Freaking romance gives you fresh, modern and enjoying vibe. The story will keep you hooked and gives you a full guaranteed ride at the end. You story about a dimension crossed couple. You will definitely fall in love with characters and also maybe with the author. This Webtoon has two OST available in Spotify

2. Purple hyacinth (Ephemerys / Sophism) 

Purple hyacinth is my most favorite one, I have never been a fan of no romance, action, thriller webtoon but this one changed my opinion and the art work and character design will make you fall in love with them. Bold female leads are my thing. Story is about a set of officers along with an assassin trying to find the leader of an assassin group – Phantom. And I should surely mention about the music which is composed by the artist herself. You can listen to this music in both Spotify – Sophism and YouTube under the name Sophism Ost

3. Omniscient reader (sing N song / Sleepy-C) 

This one is action, thriller, horror, this gives you all kind of feel their story. It has different story of monsters entering the world and the tactics that the main lead handling comes from. The art style is also not so flashy or bloody, it has a clean work and good story. 

4. Spirit fingers (han kyoung chal) 

Spirit fingers is a fun, free-minded and also a message telling story. All the characters are portrayed in a fun way. It’s not a regular story, that you would get to read all the time, sometimes it may be cringe, touching and funny. 

5. My deepest secret (hanza art) 

My deepest story is a thriller, which my look like an unhealthy love story. Woah! This stories twist is something you would have never imagined while reading it. 

6. Unholy blood (Lina Im / Jeonghyeon Kim) 

Unholy blood is about a vampire girl who wants to live on earth like any other normal teenager and make friends and memories. And how she struggles to get the trust of people and destroying the trouble makers. The artwork itself looks very powerful and beautiful. You will definitely add this couple on your SIMP list.