LIZIQI-A famous and mysterious inspiring girl on Youtube

Liziqi, the famous Chinese Youtube celebrity since 22 Aug 2017, has some 50 million fans in China and some 9 million overseas. But she remains a mystery to many of them. In her videos, she doesn’t speak and she very rarely gives interviews and so far Liziqi hasn’t set up any distribution channels outside China’s mainland.

Early Life Of LIZIQI

Liziqi, originally named “Li Jiajia” was born on 6th July 1990, in a village called Sichuan, which lies in the southwest of China. From her interviews, it is known that she hasn’t married yet. Liziqi stated that she grew up with her grandparents and she came to live with them after her stepmother mistreated her. But they were poor, so when she turned 14, Liziqi went to work in the city leaving her village. She decided to return to the countryside in 2012, for taking care of her grandmother. Four years later, she started filming her life in the village.

Vlog of Liziqi

Liziqi impresses millions, where she makes seemingly everything from scratch with her own two hands. From dying a dress with fresh grape juice to fashioning traditional lipstick from roses in her garden to foraging on horseback, in order to prepare one exquisite meal after another. The dishes she prepares range from a single condiment to elaborate multi-course meals. But whatever she makes, she leaves no stone unturned, and even going as far as raising baby ducklings just to make a sauce out of salted duck eggs. In one video, she uses magnolia flowers to make pastries and even deep-fries the flowers which are so unique and one of the well-reached innovations in her food vlogs.

Vlog Contents

Apart from food, she’s also well known for her videos demonstrating traditional crafts. The breathtaking innovations which she makes aren’t seen anywhere. In her videos, you could see that she makes different kinds of stuff out of natural things around her. Nothing is impossible to Liziqi, as she made a nice wool cloak, warm silk quilt and even she created a soil-made oven with her own two hands which attracted many viewers to turn into her fans. Most notably, she uses only wood and iron to make things and never uses plastic in any of her videos. She doesn’t make any waste as she turns the wastes into pretty beautiful stuff which one couldn’t imagine.

According to the delineations, in her Youtube videos, Liziqi’s life looks like one straight out of a fairy tale. If you start watching her videos, then it’s sure that you’ll tend to fall in love with her lifestyle because of the beauty of the enchanting place where she lives. Her home depicts the richness of antiquity and the things which she uses are all made naturally. She doesn’t go shopping to buy any of the things, instead, she gets everything from her garden or from the village itself. The portrait of her place’s climate is very soothing for the viewers which are more enough to attract many. Her videos are true magic to make anyone soft and pleasant. Just to make a silk quilt, she rears silkworms and gets them processed on her own to make the silk quilt which remains the viewers stay shocked.

Liziqi’s stylized depictions of rural life stand out as unique in today’s ultra-competitive field of online videos.

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