How to learn a new language on your own!?

Have you ever thought about learning a new language and giving up in half way?

Learning a new language might sound easy or even like a hard thing, I would say both is possible. When you spend the right amount of time, using proper notes and keeping up with consistency, it’s an easy job, if you don’t, then it’s another thing.

Why do we need to learn a new language?

Some do it for job, some as a hobby, because of their partner or just for fun.  People have their reasons for learning a new language. But you know, aside from these reasons, a language teaches you the culture of that place, new words of emotions that can’t be expressed in our language, a different perspective on things, make new friends, also can keep your dairy contents a secret, so on.

Beginning with a new language for the first time might seem like finding an end point of ocean. There are lot of stuffs to find out and organize your thoughts and materials before you dive into it. If you are clear with where you gonna start, you have cleared the first step.

To learn a new language;

Please start with alphabets when you learn a new language, concentrate on the letters and their phonetics. If you gonna learn a language just for a day travel purpose, you can skip it. But learning from alphabets helps you in reading, writing and pronunciation.


I know it’s quite hard but you need to start it from the start, step by step, it’s really important for your language building. To be fluent and confident in your language you need grammar. You can watch videos from You Tube, read  grammar books (many books are available), or any websites on the language you learn.

Movies & Series

Try to watch movies and series or any other programs or music in that particular language, watching in learning language might not make you speak in that language immediately or you understand it, but it enriches your vocabulary, your pronunciation, introduces you to new phrases, their culture and so on.

You can check out the recommendation videos on movies and series.

YouTube vloggers and Instagramers

Following native speakers on Instagram and YouTube. You can learn from their daily life, or even see how people try to learn a new language like you do. If you are curious check out my blog on YouTubers who learn and shares tips about learning a language.

Reading books

Read books on that language if you not feeling like watching a movie or listening to songs. This makes the process even more fun. If you find difficult in finding books on platforms like Amazon and stuffs, you can always rely on E-books, you have so many options. Books just give you a whole different view about world.

Writing practice

Just have notes on what you read, sometimes you may forget stuffs you learn, so this might help you recall things when you need. Or if you see texts and don’t know to translate it just write it and keep it translate it later.  You can also journal in that language.


Sources for learning a language, you have so many free websites on languages, paid courses, language learning apps like Duolingo, Lingodeer, HiNative, etc., you can also watch videos on You Tube or even podcasts on Spotify.

Things to keep in mind when you learn a language..

  • You can’t master a language in 3 months or 5 months, you can just speak a little or more.
  • Know that can’t speak learn everything in a language like a native does.
  • Try to to spend at-least an hour or should be consistent.
  • Consistency is very important.
  • No need to be so fancy with notes. Don’t spend so much time on decorating.
  • Don’t start with tough ones, go with the basics first.
  • Be patience, go with a slow pace and don’t rush.

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