Guaranteed 6 Self-help Books For Beginners Are Here

Do you love books? Are you a bookworm? What kind of genres you prefer to read?

Most of the people who love to read books, loves genres like young adults, horror, crime, mystery, romance and so on. A handful of people loves to read philosophy based or self-helping books. And it is because they are so time consuming, lot of brain work and sometimes hard to understand.

Have you ever thought of reading self-help books?

But if you earnestly want to succeed or change your living or way of thinking and problems, you need to hand yourself to them. Because you are missing out the real gems in there. It may seem boring but once you get into the flow you will love it.

Books that do magic!

Here I will list out some of my favorite heart-warming and spiritual self-help books that I loved reading like a YA book:

1. The forty rules of love

“The forty rules of love”- a book written by ‘Elif Shafak’, this book has stories in two different eras, one in modern era and the other one where Rumi and Shams lived. They explain 40 rules of love that Shams wrote and gives you a connection to yourself, the God and your spiritual self. Its so fun to read how the two stories interwinds.

2. The Alchemist

Everyone would have heard about this famous book written by Paulo Coelho, most of his works are famous. A boy’s adventure set to find his treasure. This book speaks about achieving your heart desires by overcoming hurdles and following the voice inside you. Trusting your-self and the answer inside you. Also, try devil and Miss Prym.

3. The silva mind control method of mental dynamics

A book by Jose Silva and Durt Goldman, this is a follow up book of “The Silva mind control method”, written by Jose Silva and Philip Miele. Solving problems and gaining success or getting an optimistic view of life by training our mind with meditation and techniques like golden image, happiness rules and more.

4. The 5 AM club

The 5 AM club by Robin Sharma, a book to elevate your lives with early morning routines. The course of the book doesn’t just go in a philosophical way, they have induced life and mindset of people, who follow this, for you to relate to it. It also has more techniques and tips to get better.

5.Highly sensitive person in a sensitive world

If you are a highly sensitive person (HSP), this book is for you. This book gives you all details about the emotions and how highly sensitive person deal with a situation. They also gave some solutions kind of advices for highly sensitive person to change the things they want to.

6. Living, loving and learning

Living, loving and learning book is written by Leo Buscaglia. This book gives you a definition about life, the ways to live, to learn from experience and loving yourself, life and people and things around you. A life changing book.

If you want more book recommendations on self-help, you can watch this video on YouTube.

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