Amazing art vloggers who will inspire you

We artists always wish to create something new on regular basis or learn new techniques and are more productive in our practice, but sometimes we won’t have that push to do something even when our mind is filled with ideas, we tend to feel some sort of loss. There are days where we want to do something but don’t know where to start. It’s not a big problem, it quite happens with everyone. Here are some art YouTubers, who do art as their major or their job, whose video will give you an urge to do something or inspiration, you can also get to know how their days are and what they feel about their art and job. Also, you would get lots of tips from their professionalism.

There are many YouTubers who do tutorials and daily life videos or just some painting videos, I will suggest some of them, whom I felt so inspired with.

Kazone Arts

This channel is owned by Kim Jung Gi, one of the famous Korean artists, and by this studio members. In this channel, we could know a lot about their studio, his work routine, his techniques and tools, and so on. Also, he gives a lot of tips for young artists. If you are a follower of Kim Jung Gi, you would surely love this channel to know more of his sketches visit


This channel is more like a tutorial channel, this guy gives a lot of tips and teaches so many techniques in a clear and easy way. His videos are really easy to follow. People who are trying to get better in portrait or figure sketching will find this channel useful.

Valerie Lin

Valerie is a fine arts major student in Berlin. She posts daily life in college vlogs and her painting progress videos on her channel. It quite helps to know how art students spend time and their thoughts through these videos.

A smiling Seoul

Again, another art student in Chicago, a cheerful personality. She does a lot of daily life in art school vlogs. She walks us through her daily life and her art progresses or about her condition and many kinds of stuff. Seeing people trying stuff like this will really encourage us.

House & garden

Actually, this ain’t an art vlog channel, it’s a house décor and garden creating channel. Here they document lots of unique houses and gardens, the creators talk about their inspiration for the ideas they implemented in the house or garden. They give descriptions about the stuff they used for decoration, its origin, and so on. It just feels out of the world to see how they put each piece to make one.

Jimena Reno

She is an artist, I’m not sure about her job but she does have a patron and an online shop. She paints mostly using oil paint. In all her painting vlogs she just speaks about how she feels about the painting she does or thoughts on how it turns out. The way she explains things is really relatable and sometimes you just learn something new.

Amii ceramics

She is a ceramic artist; she sells her ceramic stuff. In her vlog, we get to see the process and progress of her works. She shows the work she does in her studio and how everything works. Seeing her working on her ceramic makes us feel inspired and also calm.

There will be a phase where we feel to be in a slump, but we should never stop practicing. Even if you don’t feel productive after watching these vlogs it’s fine, it’s just that you will get an idea about how people in places feel and how some are alike. Inspiration comes to us in all ways, let’s just do our best.

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