Apps that Make You Productive in this Pandemic

Productivity is commonly defined as a way to measure efficiency or can be also addressed as the outcome of the volume of output acquired from the volume of input provided. In other words, it measures how efficient our work is. In this pandemic situation, there are many applications available to increase your productivity.

Being productive wasn’t an easy job. When you are determined to be productive, to manage your work, and to make a routine there are many apps available online. We have gone through many blogs and saw videos about productivity, where people recommended so many apps that are available in the play store / Appstore. Here I have listed few apps that I genuinely felt useful and easy to handle.


The Notion is an app where you can enter your tasks, notes, and wikis. You can categorize your tasks, arrange them on a specific board, and can update the process like a to-do list. It is a user-friendly app, more like a digital bullet journal, where you can keep a note on your work or daily life.


Guided Meditation and Mindfulness - The Headspace App

Headspace is the best app to lead a calm and stress-free life. It has so many contents which can be accessed freely. Meditation is the best habit to be infused in life and this app makes it easy with simple and clear guidance, even children can follow it.


OneNote is one of the apps from Microsoft. Instead of notebooks or fancy gadgets, this comes in handy for notes taking with so many features.


Forest - Stay focused, be present

Forest is more like a timer which helps us to focus on our task, the specialty of this app is with the amount of time we spend to finish our task by setting time in this app it creates a forest with growing plants for every 30 minutes. If we fail to finish it, the plant will die. By finishing our task along with plants, we get the reward. So, it’s more like a game where we need to focus on our tasks.

5.Google to-do-list

Google Tasks: Any Task, Any Goal. Get Things Done - Apps on Google Play

This is one of the features from google apps, free of cost and user-friendly. We can enter our to-do list in the notes and we can set remainder, it is also connected with the calendar, so it’s useful for us to keep things in check. If you feel complicated with other to-do list apps, this one is quite simple and easy to use.

6.Google docs

Google Docs - Wikipedia

Google docs is also one of the features of google. We can explain it simply as an app with all the features that Microsoft apps provide. You can store your data files, can classify with colors for each doc, you can share your space with your teammates, and has all features of a word. 

7.Habit tracker

Productive - Daily Habit Tracker

Habit tracker is an app that helps to track the habits that we want to keep a note of, Instead of bullet journals where we need to brainstorm to come up with ideas to draw stuff to track habits we can use this app, also this app gives a statistical evaluation of our habits after a period of time i.e., the result of a month. This helps us to keep up our consistency. You just need to fix the tabs for your habit and what time it has to be done, right on time it will bang us even we forget to do it.


pinterest - Google Search | Pinterest logo png, Pinterest png, Pinterest  logo

Pinterest is an app that is more like a pictorial gallery, it does have videos and too many blogs in it. It is an idea store, which gives inspiration in all areas and you can learn a lot from there. You can create broads of your idea and can share with people.

All the apps provided are listed according to our search, there may be other apps available and the order or ratings may vary according to the individual’s view. We are not advertising or favoring apps or developers and the contents available are solemnly for information purposes.

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