Opening up yourself opens your eyes to a new world

Have you been envious of people who can share their feelings so easily with anyone or discuss the thoughts they have in their minds? Some people could listen to all the frustrations and problems that others have and give solutions on a whim or comfort them, but they just get stuck when it comes to their own feelings. I think most of you people will agree with this.

Why opening up or share our feelings to others is important?

 First of all is it necessary to share our feelings? Can’t we handle our stuff or just store it in our minds? It’s absolutely a no. It’s not that you can’t handle things on your own, but it’s okay to rely on someone, when you get help from someone for something it will be easy to handle. You get to be introduced to new options on how to solve something or how to view something.

Even though when you know this, some restrict themselves from sharing their feelings or raise a wall around them due to their past trauma, afraid of being judged, being a burden or clingy to someone, or just because they want to be independent.

I rarely open up. I don’t like to feel vulnerable or be misunderstood. But now and then I get to talking to somebody and something about them just resonates with me – whether total stranger or old friend, in their presence, I feel a certain safety, a rare clam, and everything comes gushing out.

-Beau Taplin

I think this very kind of thought starts from the parent-children relationship because when you don’t have the trust or experience of sharing your feelings or being judged for something like this at the foundation, it surely will be hard to put faith in others. As you see, we can’t change the past, but we can change our present and put effort to change our future.

Try to find a person to whom you can open up, or give a chance to the person you already know. It’s difficult to take that step, suddenly sharing our feelings may be pressure and can create anxiety, but believe me, try it by mustering up your courage to the right person, be open to the response they gonna give because it’s not like everyone can think alike or give a response that you expect to. Take it at a slow pace, try to share small things, don’t be afraid of being rejected or people getting disappointed in us. If they love us or know us, I think they will surely understand or maybe they first don’t get it but will surely catch up to you. Here comes a way to open up

Bottling up all those will really make us miserable and also, it’s not like you have to share each and everything with people, just give those things that you can’t handle all by yourself. Don’t be too hard or strict on yourself. Also, be aware of the people with whom you are sharing. Sharing your feelings won’t always get you a solution, but talking about it may make you clear of what you think, don’t ignore your feelings just because you can’t handle or don’t want to go deep in it. Relying on someone at times doesn’t make to non-independent or vulnerable.

There is a solution for all the problems, talking to people will make it easier to get one. Never forget that you are not alone in this world, there is someone who is always ready to listen to you and your rambles, it’s just that we deny seeing it with all our own judgments. Opening up yourself will do magic, so try it.

 You are always loved by someone, remember that.

This corona is one of the reasons for many people to close themselves to the outer world, try to open up to people. Here comes some ways to tackle our depression in corona