Amazing aesthetic and lifestyle vloggers who inspire you

            Everyone has a dream about their life, the way they want to live, the way they want their house to be, the way they want their job to be, everyone has their own aesthetic. According to these tastes, lifestyle has been scattered into various categories, and here are the few types for the wholistic living, because these types have their own definition to living and beliefs.


  • Minimalism, most commonly heard nowadays
  • Maximalism, most of the artists prefer this
  • Intentional living
  • Essentialism
  • Slow living
  • Simple living
  • Downshifting
  • Sustainable living

Here, I’m going to mention a few of my favorite vloggers who cover their daily lives or about their job or hobby. Their vlogs may help you to get inspired, motivated, or may even be healing.

Q2HAN is a channel maintained by Korean twins, QJIN AND QWON. They work as models for various brands, content creators, influencers, and also YouTube mentors. Their videos in their channels are mostly based on fashion, like critique about products or recreating a style, or styling themselves with trendy stuff. They also give out so many useful and healthy recipes or try other countries recipes, trendy café visiting vlogs, DIYs, and so on. They really inspire people with their way of living and it’s fun to watch their carefree characters. Even though they are Koreans, all their videos are in English. They also have another channel called wakeup QQ, where they upload healing vlogs.

Again, another twins channel, they name themselves as milk and cloud. All their vlogs are so aesthetic and healing, watching their vlogs will put you at ease, their life is filled with minimalistic colors, all in pastel, but their life is kind of maximalist. They make videos about art, daily life, online orders haul, beautiful sceneries. Their vlogs are no voice vlogs, instead, it has background music and subtitles of their thoughts. Even their Instagram pages are aesthetic.

Yoora Jung is a Korean medical student, studying in the US. Her vlogs are about her daily life as a student living alone, a healthy way of living, and being productive. Her way of editing videos is so good, also her vlogs are in English.

Jasmine is a Chinese based in New York, she was an art student, now working as a tattoo artist, and also has a patron and sells her artworks and other few crafts and stickers online. When she was in college, her vlogs were about her daily life with art classes, dorm, and assignments and finals, now it’s about her daily life working in her tattoo studio, her work time on art, workouts, relationships, mental health, and make-up.

Jimena Rena is an artist from Spain who settled in California. She has a patron and also sells her artworks, her vlogs are about her daily life with her cat, painting, exploring places for painting, thrifting, cosplaying, and make-up. Jimena Rena, she herself is aesthetic. Her life is slow-paced and it feels like a fantasy. Her artworks are so with the life and the way she works will really inspire her to do the artwork.

This channel is owned by a Chinese woman living in Australia. Her lifestyle is a perfect example of a maximalist. Even though she lives alone her apartment is so organized and aesthetic. She has two cats, bun and roll. Her channel has all her cooking vlogs, the two meals cooking process of each day of her week, also self-care, shopping, and taking care of her cats.

Ashley is a Korean-American K-pop singer disbanded from a girl group called Lady’s Code. Now as a freelancer, works in radio and also as a host for a podcast in DIVE studios. Her vlogs are named as adulting series, just like the name the vlog captures the life of an adult living alone in a busy city and hanging out with her friends, talking about life, and enjoying life as a woman.

She is an artist based in Brooklyn, her way of living is so different and calm, it feels so spiritual, all her artworks are so mesmerizing. Her vlogs are like meditation and feel healing. She also talks about self-care and mental health.

Haruday is a channel owned by a Korean-French couple living in New York. Their vlogs are different from daily life vlogs, they visit random cafés, book stores, grocery shops, tries different pastries (this couple loves pastries), walk in the park, petting random dogs and cats, cooks French, or else Korean foods.

I hope you enjoy these people’s vlogs which will surely accompany you or inspire you to have a lifestyle like this. I know art vloggers visit