Bullet journal: Interesting Way For Organized Life!

If you are thinking of starting a bullet journal you are at the right place!

What is a bullet journal?

Here is an answer for people who are curious about it or want a clear understanding, you might have searched so many websites and posts or YouTube videos to understand it, but still it wouldn’t have been clear or you might have encountered few more unfamiliar things and trying to process it.

 This is because there is no certain answer for a bullet journal, a journal can be anything, it can be your dairy, a habit or routine or mood tracker, a memo, a playlist, a review page, and so on.

A journal is the up-to-the idea of the creator, it can be filled according to their wish or need.  No one is gonna judge or criticizes for it (of course, whose gonna show their journal to someone). So, it is clearly up to you, the creator.

So, what can be filled in a bullet journal?

1. Organizer

Most of people use their journal as a space for organizing things, you can write or mark up the important events, keep track of your expense, or jot down the things you need or you want to do before you start something or even you can write the progress of something.

2. Day planner

Journal as a day planner is a common thing among people, it’s also quite similar to the organizer thing. Here you can plan out your day, how you going to spend it, what you gonna do, your goals of the day, your feelings about the day, something like that. You can also find so many layouts for day planner online, if you are not sure about where to start or how to start.

3. Brainstorming

 Brainstorming is just for you to scribble whatever you have in your mind or something that comes to your mind while planning out something or learning or some idea for some project kinda thing. It’s just your own space to dump your ideas. And next time you don’t have to search for the piece you wrote on some small paper or wrecking your mind to remember the idea you had a few minutes ago.

4. Tracker

Tracker is to track your habits or routine or your mood of the day like you can track how much water you drank, did you do your meditation, reading a book, healthy food, something like that you do regularly. It is just to check on your consistency, how self-disciplined you are.

5. Diary

If you don’t want to do all this fancy stuff or don’t have time to do it, you can just use it as a diary, write your thoughts about the day, the book you read, interesting person you met, things you are grateful about, so on.

6.Travel memories

You can also use your journal as a space to capture your memories about the place you traveled, you can stick the pictures you took, or draw and write about it as you wish. Later when you see it will take you there.

Does journal need creativity?

A bullet journal doesn’t have to be done with so much creativity, it can be simple, the note just represents you. If you have more time or you are a creative person you can keep it that way.

Which type of journal is better?

If you do not wish to spend on writing but still want to maintain one, you can use the apps like the notion and some other apps. But I think it’s better to spend on a manual one because it helps you to reflect on your day and gives you, your own time to spend on yourself.

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