Amazing tips for a healthy and productive life

Are you a person who plans out everything that has to be done on that day? Or someone who just goes with the flow? Do you have any routine to follow? A routine to take care of your mental and physical health, your productivity? Most people have a routine to follow on a season or day or night time basis for skin, but they forget to care about the inner self. What does having a routine for a day has to do with mental and physical health? It’s just that it makes you consider your way of living, it makes you allocate time for inducing healthy things in your daily life, makes you rethink the way you spend your day. Isn’t it better to have a fulfilled day, being satisfied with what you did on that day?

When things change inside you, things change around you.

So, okay! Now I want a routine, how can I plan it? This will be the difficult part, maybe for some creating a routine may be easy, but following is hard. There is only one solution we have to push ourselves to be persistent. A routine can be created on our own or else we can get ideas from the great minds. You can follow the routine of the billionaires, millionaires, or entrepreneurs, maybe it can be your favorite person. Here are some famous people’s routines and famous routine for successful life that are available on YouTube.

How do you spend your day on a regular basis?

Even, when you are considering following your idol’s routine it is not necessary to follow everything they do, watch many people, think and consider which will be realistic, comfortable, and suitable for you and your day-to-day life or work.

Here are few things I would like to mention, that you could consider when you are trying to build a routine for yourself;

Waking up early

          Yes, waking up early, I know it may be difficult for all night owls out there but can’t help it. If you are asking why waking up early is necessary, the answer is because it is healthy for our body, we need enough sunlight for our body like plants and early morning sunlight is the best and also it makes us feel like we have a lot of time in our day. So, that we can have a slow day instead of rushing. Early mornings are peaceful, quiet, and fresh.

Being hydrated

          Try to have a habit of drinking more water, it’s not like you have to measure how much water you drink or fixing liters. Just drink whenever you feel to drink, drink water first after waking up, before sleep, or when you wanted to eat at unnecessary times. It does a lot of goodness to our bodies.


In my opinion, it’s essential for everyone. Taking some time to observe your thoughts, controlling them, listening to your body, observing your breath. It does so many good things to your body and mind.

Setting priority

We plan on so many things to be done on a day, and in the process of doing the listed things, we get distracted from the things that have to be done first, i.e. things on deadline or things that will take a long time to finish. So setting things according to their deadline or the time they take may help to do finish your work on time and be more effective with productivity.

No multitasking

Don’t hustle, taking two or three jobs at a time and trying to finish in one go, may stress you or it will end up as an unfinished job. Try to take one at a time. You can multitask something that is not too hard to do. But it’s better to take one finish it fast. Try to do one completely satisfied work instead of multiple unfinished stressing works.

Mindful eating

Mindful eating, it’s a simple thing but we refuse to do it. Mindful eating is just giving some attention to your food, attention while eating concentrate on eating. Nowadays I don’t know how many of us have time to eat three meals a day, but at least while eating a meal give some attention to what you eat, instead of eating absent-mindedly or while doing some work or in a hurry.

Taking some time for yourself

Yes, take a break, spend some time for yourself, do something you love, or sit idle and relax or listen to music, dance. Do something that gives you peace of mind or excites you.

 Physical activity

Do some physical activity like yoga, walking, jogging, running, something like that. Sitting all day in a place is not good for health, so give some movement to your body.

Good sleep

Get a good amount of beauty sleep. It can be 6 or 8 hours of sleep, but be sure you get a good sleep. Don’t pull an all-nighter. This is of one the important thing you have to include in your daily lives.

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