Routine that made people successful and influential

So, if you are looking for a good routine or routine of some influential people around the world, here are some suggestions from YouTube that I felt will be great to follow. You can consider these routines, take note of it, get an idea and follow what will work for you. And you can also see my blog about things you have to consider when you are building a routine for you.

1.1 billion dollar morning routine

This is one of the most common and famous routines that most people try to follow. It’s quite simple, a neat and effective routine that anyone can follow. You can also watch people trying this routine and their views, here.

2.Picasso’s daily routine

Picasso is a well-known great artist, I think his routine will work for most of the creative people out there and even night owls. This is not like a legit real routine of Picasso, it’s a routine that this guy gathered from reading about him in a book. You can also get a view of how this routine works from this video.

3.Ben Franklin’s routine

This is a routine that breaks the regular what to do routine rules. This routine makes you ask you questions and makes you think clearly of what you got to do on a day. You can also see how it is like to do and the views on it, here.

3.Maya Angelou’s routine

A routine of a famous woman poet and civil rights activist. This may not be possible for many people but still, you can imply it in a way you can do it or how you want.

4.Simple slow life routine

This is a simple, no rushing peaceful routine. This is maybe suitable for freelancers or even any other working or non-working people.

If you are searching for routines, you can get many ideas, but it is important to see what will work for us and is good for us. You don’t need to push yourself into some process that gives you more stress than a healthy life, making a mindful decision, and leading a peaceful productive life.

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