Why is sleep important? Ways to Improve your sleep

Hitting the bed after a long and tiring day would be great, isn’t it? But the irony is that sleep is like a blessing and many of us seldom get proper sleep. Mental wellbeing is being sought after by many nowadays especially by the youngsters.

Being inactive is totally different from resting ourselves through sleep as many assume that sleep causes weight gain and so on. As the idiom says, ‘Sleep like a baby’, we ought to get at least 7 hours of proper night sleep to keep us sound throughout the day. Being a night owl has become a trending statement these days, forgetting losing hours of sleep.

Becoming insomniac has become common in the 21st century and we start blaming the work routine and our lifestyle. We should always remember that our body is nothing but a ticking biological clock that expects everything to fall in place including proper sleep. Sticking to the habit of ‘ early to bed and early to rise ‘, our elders were healthy and lived for long is an undeniable truth. You might be wondering about the rise, our are some simple ways for you to sleep tight!

Improve your mental wellbeing

Disturbed sleep is because of a disturbed mind. Trying yoga, meditation, physical exercise, and staying calm would help you relax. Don’t worry restlessness is human nature and that can be overcome by doing things that make your soul happy.

Stay away from gadgets

Having known that natural light refreshes us with cortisol, too much exposure to artificial light restricts the body from differentiating between day and night. Living unplugged is great, isn’t it? Avoid the usage of gadgets at least an hour before going to bed.

Change your sleeping environment

Simple things matter the most. The uncomfortable setting of the mattress and pillow may also lead to body strain and sleep deprivation. Darker rooms free from light give undisturbed sleep. Using a sleep mask is also a great option, tried and tested.

Follow a routine

At Least for 3 to 4 weeks try to rise at a fixed time and see that you go to bed early. Having too much sleep, waking up in the afternoon straightaway for brunch can gradually lead to health problems.

Try being active during the day

Especially in these days of the pandemic, staying at home is highly important and at the same time, we should not be idle for too. Having a brisk walk, doing household chores, and spending time in a ventilated and breezy environment are some of the very simple tasks to keep ourselves engaged so that we sleep peacefully at the end of the day.

Remember that bigger problems have simple solutions