Astonishing Dressing Culture In The States Of India


Tamilnadu is full of surprises! It is the land of rich and tradition. It has breathtaking and stunning temples and is famous for the classical dance called Bharatanatyam. Women of Tamilnadu wear saree and they have a unique style of draping them. by leaving the pallu left down and fold it downwards. Younger girls wear half saree which comprises of skirt and blouse, wear dupatta is draped around. On the other hand, Men of Tamilnadu wear dhoti or lungi with a shirt and angavastra (a stole worn on either side of the shoulder).


Kerala is known to be a land of enchanting nature, waterfalls, and beautiful backwaters. Kerala is also well known for its traditional dance called Kathakali. Silk sarees are the traditional wear of the women of Kerala with slight golden borders. They also wear Mundu, which is a white cloth that is draped around the lower waist and looks like a dhoti or long skirt. On the other hand men of Kerala wear mostly lungi (double folded) and a shirt on the top.


Rajasthan is well known for the deserts and is also known as the land of royalty and honor. Women of Rajasthan wear ghagra with a top. Bhandej print is very famous in Rajasthan. One can find various sarees and ghagra choli (a grand decorated, color-stoned top and skirt) having a rich pattern of Bhandej print on it. On the other hand, men of Rajasthan wear dhoti, kurta with a pagri (turban) on their heads.


Punjab is the land of five rivers because of the fertile lands found there. Women of Punjab wear Patiala which is also known as Punjabi suit. Punjabi suit comprises of a knee-length kameez, a bottom having various loose layers, and a dupatta (veil). On the other hand, men in Punjab wear long kurta pajama-like achkan (a knee-length coat buttoned in front).


West Bengal is a land of rich aquatic vegetation and natural assets. Women of West Bengal mostly wear a cotton saree with a sleeveless blouse. Bengali women have a unique style of draping the saree. They don’t let the pallu of their saree left down rather they fold it upwards and attach it to their blouse over the shoulder. On the other hand, Men of West Bengal wear dhoti along with the kurta which is mostly in an angrekha pattern.


Jammu and Kashmir have enchanting crystal clear lakes and is the state which gives protection
for the country as it lies in the border. Women of Jammu and Kashmir wear salwar kameez with lots of embroidery work with the veil wrapped around their heads. Men can mostly be seen in kurta-pajama. But in winter, both men and women wear pheran which is like a pullover from shoulder till knees. Pheran is also the traditional wear of Jammu and Kashmir.

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