Easy Ways To Create Your Own Fashion And Styles

In this modern world, one of the fields that feels like fantasy or one which brings fantasy, in reality, is the fashion industry. The way they create kinds of stuff, the way they infuse their ideas in products, their shows, promotions, and social media is like a feast for eyes and soul for people who love fashion and art.

From most people’s view, fashion is a subject where people create ridiculous costumes, do weird makeup and walk on the runway. The world of fashion is a bit more complex when you enter it there are lots of stuff to be learned or experimented with to understand fashion, it’s not just wearing costumes and make-up.

There are so many fashion houses like Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, YSL, Versace, and so on, each house has its own style, method, and customs. For example, if we look into Coco Chanel, they have monochrome, pearls as their point in their dress, most of the costume they produce will be cardigan-based or else a coat over trousers. If we look into Versace, it’s their patterns, bright colors, and the golden color to everything. Like this, every house has its own style and still their discovering lots of stuff to improve and evolve.

A normal person trying to enter to explore fashion may feel overwhelmed, some may feel low with their self-esteem, this is where you understand it wrong, you don’t have to be conflicting with yourself about your beauty, you don’t have to be size zero model, you don’t have to spend money on brands, no need to wear too many fancy pieces of stuff and bottle of foundation and lip tint.

Find what’s your style, find what you are comfortable with, no need to copy everyone, there too many styles and aesthetics, like grunge, minimal grunge, minimal, tomboy, streetwear, preppy, and so on. Choose the one that goes with your personality and comfortable (comfortable in the sense not physically but mentally, fashion sense can not be satisfied with too many comfortable clothes, lol).

Fashion is a way to express the theme of yourself, in places where you can’t speak, your appearance will make the sound for you. be confident in yourself, do wear what you like and what suits you the best, explore many things in fashion, it’s a fantasy ocean that would never drown you.